Travel to Celebrate

Travel to Celebrate

Travel usually never needs an excuse but travelling to explore and celebrate festivals around the world sure does make it more exciting!!
So why wait??!! Here are some beautiful festivals coming up around the world in the coming months…



In 2018, Diwali starts with Dhanteras on November 5. It concludes on November 9. The main festivities take place on the third day (this year, on November 7). Diwali is celebrated a day early in south India, on November 6.
Diwali (or Deepavali in Sanskrit) literally means “a row of lights”. This five day festival, which is the biggest in India, honors the victory of good over evil and brightness over darkness. It celebrates Lord Rama and his wife Sita returning to their kingdom of Ayodhya, following Rama and monkey god Hanuman’s defeat the demon King Ravana and rescue of Sita from his evil clutches (on Dussehra).

On a personal level, Diwali is a time for introspection, to contemplate and dispel the darkness of ignorance. Let light shine within yourself, and also shine this light outwards.



Nusa Dua Fiesta 2018 brings back the fun and colourful week of arts exhibitions, cultural performances and sporting events to its namesake luxury beach resort area on Bali’s southeast coast. First held in 1996 as Nusa Dua Festival and becoming a fiesta in its ninth year, it welcomes the general public to this otherwise exclusive tourism enclave, with different shows and events held in various venues throughout Nusa Dua.

This year’s Nusa Dua Fiesta is slated to kick off on Wednesday, October 10 with an evening opening ceremony at Nusa Dua’s landmark peninsular area. Earlier in the morning you can admire various handicrafts on display here, as well as unique bonsais and an antique automobile show. In the afternoon, the streets come alive with parades featuring vivid floats from all of the five-star resorts in Nusa Dua’s ITDC complex.



As Christmas is followed closely by the New Year, an atmosphere of festivity and celebration prevails everywhere. Shops and offices are beautifully decorated and a huge shopping festival takes place from around the end of November right up till Christmas, and ‘Sale’ signs can be seen in almost all shops, with attractive price reductions being offered. Sending Christmas cards to family and friends both here and overseas is another tradition that still continues. Hotels and commercial establishments are given a facelift around mid-November with seasonal decorations, and an interesting fact is the emerging trend of utilizing natural materials such as twigs, jute, leaves, etc, to create a natural but visually stunning Christmas ambiance.

Should you opt for a tropical Christmas in Sri Lanka, you can be sure that it will be a most memorable one with all the trimmings of the festive season. Take your pick out of all the scenic locations Sri Lanka has to offer, and celebrate Christmas there… All Hotels indulge their guests with a fantastic Christmas spread, carols, dancing and other seasonal activities -it will be just like home but with a number of new experiences thrown in.



When the southern right whales return to Walker Bay, heralding the arrival of spring, the people of Hermanus and thousands of visitors welcome them at the Hermanus Whale Festival (Sept 28-30). As well as offering whale-watching trips, the festival celebrates all marine life with films, interactive exhibitions and ocean-themed adventures, accompanied by music, comedy, seafood and street parades.

While you tour Hermanus do not miss out on visiting the beautiful city of Cape Town!



This Eid Al Adha (21st-24th August) take a break and travel to a tiny country full of mystery and beauty that is often forgotten and unknown to many visitors. This Caucasus country is the symbol of earliest Christian civilizations. It has multiple religious sites from the Greco-Roman Temple of Garni to the 4th-century Etchmiadzin Cathedral, which is known as the headquarters of the Armenian Church. These cultural and religious sites are truly worth-seeing and are sources of attractions for the tourists.

With its inhabitants being some of the friendliest in the world it makes the perfect place to visit for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Going on for Armenia holidays is always tempting but specially during Eid for the all the food lovers. There is always something fresh and tasty to eat here with nearly everything being homemade and grown freshly.

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