Sweet Big Transformational Journeys

‘Life is lived in Transformation’ Rainer Maria Rilke.

At Sugarcane Elephants we are soul alchemists, using the medium of travel to profoundly affect and change perceptions and world views.

We function as a representation company for boutique wellness resorts and hotels; carrying their message to the right audience in the assigned geography and creating an eco-system of travel explorers, wellness evangelists and experience seekers. Providing both – teachers and enquirers – with eclectic living spaces in idyllic destinations, that become playgrounds for the spirit to soar.



Sugarcane is considered symbolic of wellness and health. The Elephant of happiness and wisdom.

Sugarcane is said to contain rasa – the juice of life, rasa has many meanings but most interestingly rasa also implies a transformative experience.

Ganesha, the elephant faced deity in Indian mythology, is often depicted holding a sugarcane stalk and living in a paradise of sugarcane juice; wisdom arising from transformational bliss. Sugarcane Elephants.


Sugarcane Elephants combines the two passions of its founders – travel and wellbeing. We understand the ethos of boutique resorts, we respect their individuality, and share their zeal for experiential and responsible tourism.

Nearly two decades of residence in the Middle East, extensive tourism industry experience, and an unrivalled network in the travel and wellness community, place us in a unique position to serve the needs of boutique resorts.

We function as brand ambassadors and sales directors, we increase mind-share and revenue, we create an ecosystem of clients and partners, and we help curate and deliver unique experiences.

Country representation services

Owners rep for assigned geography; eyes and ears on the ground
Advisory on product and price strategy for the market
One-point contact for any commercial requirements
Attendance at all trade fairs and exhibitions within the region

Sales and marketing activities

Market segmentation of the region
Identifying and targeting the right audience for the product
Sales plan (funnel management) and sales activities (with sales reports)
Generating new leads and cultivating new customer segments
Liaison with marketing agencies and implementation of any ATL campaigns planned

Brand promotion and advocacy

Attendance at industry forums and groups
Social Media promotions on the Sugarcane Elephant’s SM pages
Promoting the brand at socials and galas of relevant ‘Closed User Communities’
Participation at any relevant social responsibility or sustainability events
Featuring the resorts as ‘property or retreat reviews’ in targeted travel and wellness publications
Joint promotions with airlines and tourism boards

Operational support

One-point contact for B2C and B2B customers for any queries and service issues
Liaison between customers and resorts reservation department

Retreats and special events design & management

Working with retreat and group leaders for planning and time-lining the retreat
Detailed step by step advisory on crafting and promoting the retreats
Consultancy on community activities and immersive experiences




Executive Director

Having lived across many cities from Dubai to Colombo, travelled extensively, fluent in 6 languages, Indian national Josephine is a Global citizen at heart.


Josephine started out as a hotelier and worked in the business development function of leading hotel brands such as Meridien, Hilton and Holiday Inn. She then took on senior roles in the event management industry before opening her own boutique travel company specialising in curating wellness and eco-tourism experiences within hidden corners of India. The corporate bug bit again and she ventured into the Oil & Gas industry with Enron before moving to ExxonMobil, as their first Indian employee when they launched operations in India.


Equally at home, between boutique firms and large MNCs, adept at managing relationships and commercial functions, Josephine is a self-motivated individual with an entrepreneurial spirit. She brings a sense of purpose and fun to all elements of her work and life.


Josephine is a hospitality management graduate and completed her post-graduation in business management studies.



A senior corporate executive during the week, a philanthropy inclined yoga teacher over the weekend and a wellness ambassador round the clock, Mayank is a certified yoga teacher and has been practising for over 20 years and teaching since 2004. He has taught in various locations across Dubai, Doha and Sri Lanka. He is the founder of Yogasmriti – a non-profit initiative that combines individual wellbeing with community wellbeing. He has been associated with various fitness and wellness segments and his articles have featured in numerous publications.


Mayank is also a travel industry veteran. He has held various leadership roles across Business Development, Customer Experience and Techno-Commercial functions in leading hotel, airline and travel management brands such as Hilton, Crowne Plaza, InterContinental, Hogg Robinson Group, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Air Arabia and Emirates Group.


Marketing & Operations Manager

Sadhvi a marketing whiz kid, raised in Dubai and educated in London, brings with herself an array of skills and expertise that allow her to deal with people from different cultures with varied needs.

She never lets obstacles stay too long on her path. With her strong determination to turn problems into opportunities, she has been thriving on all challenges that have come her way. She handles marketing and operations in our firm.

She takes time to understand the needs of the market and develops instant solutions. Free-spirited and open minded, she is a storehouse of over-the-top ideas and suggestions. As much as she loves doing what she likes, she likes what she does.


Sales & Partnerships Manager

Akshay is a consummate professional who loves to network.

He is a self motivated individual who has a positive attitude towards life & knack for creating synergy around him.

Akshay completed his Masters in Business Administration and is passionate about strategically executing sales in emerging markets along with enhancing customer experience to drive business success.

He found his calling by making an industry leap from digital to travel. Akshay enjoys a good happy hour with his friends and sounds of a great playlist while travelling keeps him going.